"First and Formost, We Are a 

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Helping Business Owners Who Face Serious Illnesses or Tragedies.

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We Are a Team of Professionals Helping You through Tragedy or Serious Illness

Who We Are and What We Do

When a serious event hits, such as a major illness,  business owners need to understand their options going forward. 

We offer common ground and the ability to connect.  Business Connections has the qualified personnel, who have been in your shoes and have walked the same path, ready to listen, understand, and help guide you into your "new normal."

We all realize business decisions still have to be made and options must be considered.  Business Connections is there with you every step of the way.

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Our Methodology

Our coaching methodology is primarily focused on your career management and is a continuous process to achieve full potential and get prepared for the future.

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What We Offer


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First and most important, we listen to you!  We listen for that "passion" in your voice as you describe your business.  We know and understand there will be a few stages, some physical - some mental, that you will experience; Shock and disbelief for example. 

When a serious illness hits, there is no set formula, no pre-set boxes to check off.  We can help provide questions not previously considered, yet now very necessary.

By listening to your story, our goal is to develop a synergistic relationship, taking both parties combined knowledge so that 1 plus 1 is greater than 2.

First, we listen to you...

Our team has spoken with a number of people, including business owners, who share mutual life-changing and threatening illnesses.  And because we lived it too, there is common ground.  

Therefore, we are able to directly connect and understand each other.   We also understand that this life-event may alter our understanding of what is truly important as we move forward along this journey.  What seemed important 2 weeks ago, may seem trivial now. 

These experiences we face were never taught in school and are not found in any business book.  It is a personal walk that few understand, allowing us to provide you an inner counsel.

One on One Counseling

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My 60/40 rule; 60 years of living, 40 plus years of work, and 13 years of living with a life-threatening disease, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.  This provides a unique set of experiences and I've learned from them all, both from the successes and also the failures.

We are available to share our experiences and knowledge with others, to help as they approach the rocky path to the mountainous climb.

Flying into Seattle, quite often you get a beautiful view of Mt. Saint Helen.  Life is coming back after the explosion.  It looks different now, but it is still life and is magnificent to see.  This is like those of us who experienced an explosion when we were first told of our illness.  There have been changes. There are activities I cannot do now, but there are still wonderful sights and sounds to experience, as we go down the path of our "new" normal -- Like a great cup of coffee in the mornings or being able to hold my kids and grandkids.

From the Desk of Ryan Chappell

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Because of my journey, I think differently now.  I have a much more refined perspective on life and in business.  

Why? Because this illness has provided me with the mindset that allows me to see what is really important and where I should focus my attention.  

There will be days, perhaps weeks, when you need to be selfish with your time.  Please keep in mind, your primary goal is to get healthy.  This may mean time away from your business.  But never take time away from your family.

Our executive consulting strategies will open up solutions and goal oriented plans that will secure your business while simultaneously giving you the tools necessary to deal with the challenges before you.  Connect with us today and let's start a conversation.

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Solutions Not in Any Book...